A Dentist Story

Julia Aida, D.D.S.
Bellmore, NY

Dr. Julia Aida’s Story

Dr. Julia Aida’s path led to dentistry at a young age when she knew she wanted to care for and help others. Following her graduation from SUNY Stony Brook School of Dental Medicine, Dr. Aida completed her residency at North Shore University Hospital. Dr. Aida then went on to gain experience as an Associate Dentist, working for others, before owning her own practice for over a decade in Bellmore, NY.

As Dr. Aida’s practice grew, so did the time spent on administrative tasks. Managing her staff, the business side of the practice and and patient care took up most of Dr. Aida’s time, leaving very little for herself. The Smilist approached Dr. Aida with an opportunity to partner, and Dr. Aida weighed the decision very carefully.

“One of the biggest concerns was how I was going to practice dentistry. I was afraid that they were going to dictate what I had to do.” Since partnering with the Smilist in 2015, Dr. Aida can confidently say that being told how to practice dentistry “has never been an issue. I practice dentistry the way I want to practice dentistry. I can treat my patients the way I want to treat them. No one is looking over my shoulder.“

Partnership Offers Personal Benefits

Partnership with the Smilist has afforded Dr. Aida numerous benefits. She has enjoyed the support that comes from working with an extended team at the Smilist. “I feel that there are other dentists to help out and cover for me, and there are specialists. If I have a question or scheduling issue, there is always another dentist I can turn to, and that is a huge benefit.”

Giving up the administrative aspects of running a dental practice means that Dr. Aida has more time to be with her family. “After partnership, I was able to take a vacation over spring break with my family without having to close the office. For the first time in fifteen years, I had someone to cover for me,“ Dr. Aida recounts with a smile.

“I know that I will always have a place to practice dentistry the way that I want to practice it. At the Smilist, I’m able to provide excellent care to my patients without being dictated how to treat them,” says Dr. Aida. Dr. Aida’s passion for helping people extends past dentistry and into her work with her Certified Therapy Dog, Frankie. As the Smilist’s unofficial mascot, Frankie can often be found in the office helping nervous patients feel at ease and delighting others.

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