A Dentist Story

Harvey Lindenbaum, D.D.S.
Middle Island, NY

Dr. Harvey Lindenbaum’s Story

When the time came for Dr. Lindenbaum to start thinking about retirement, he gave the Smilist a call.

A true “New Yorker,” Dr. Lindenbaum was born in the Bronx, NY and is proud of it. From a young age, Dr. Lindenbaum knew he would dedicate his life to serving others and taking care of people. Following graduation from the prestigious Bronx High School of Science, he attended two stellar New York colleges – SUNY Binghamton and NYU School of Dentistry. From there he went on to serve as a Captain in the United States Air Force.

Dr. Lindenbaum has been a respected member of the Long Island community for nearly forty years, and he has been a leading dentist in Middle Island for nearly 30 years. He was also featured in Pulse Magazine’s, “Best Dentists on Long Island”.

Together with the team at his Middle Island practice, he has helped thousands of patients to improve their self-esteem and overall oral health. He recalls one memorable patient that “came in with tears. She had many crowns that were failing, and she was at her wits end.” Dr. Lindenbaum offered treatment involving implants and overdentures. After treatment, the patient’s entire outlook changed. Dr. Lindenbaum recalls the patient telling him that “her whole life and self-esteem had changed for the better and she couldn’t thank me enough.” With a huge smile on his face, Dr. Lindenbaum finishes retelling this story with a proud and exuberant, “Now that’s what I’m talking about!”

When he started to consider retirement, he explored many options. He spoke to Dental Service Organizations and also other Dentists who were considering purchasing his practice. Then he decided to respond to a postcard that the Smilist sent him. “I met with Rob and Phil, the principals, and we really hit it off,” Dr. Lindenbaum relates.

For the next few months, Dr. Lindenbaum met with our team several times, and decided his best option was to partner with the Smilist. Not only was the price right, but most importantly, Dr. Lindenbaum could stay on until he was ready to retire. “I’m at an age where I’m not ready to retire quite yet. But that’ll be in a few years,” said Dr. Lindenbaum. “The Smilist was professional, personable and friendly throughout the entire process. And nothing has changed.”

Dr. Lindenbaum has settled into his partnership with the Smilist very well, as have his patients and staff. “Everything came together so perfectly,” he said contently. “The only changes have been positive ones. I don’t have to do paperwork day and night. The staff have access to more benefits than I was able to offer. I can just practice dentistry until I decide to retire.”

And when he does, Dr. Lindenbaum has big plans… to relax. “I’ll be on my boat fishing or spending my time with my daughters and three grandchildren.”

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