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Get to know our dentists. Discover their career stories as well as what motivated them to partner.

What Our Partners Think

“Affiliation with the Smilist started a new chapter in my career. It has opened up new opportunities for me, not just as a clinician, but as a leader within a growing organization.”

Sasha Cekada, D.D.S.

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“For the first time in 15 years I was able to take a vacation over spring break with my family and someone covered for me. I know that I will always have a place to practice dentistry the way that I want to practice it,”

Julia Aida, D.D.S.

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“The only changes have been positive ones. I don’t have to do paperwork day and night. The staff have access to more benefits than I was able to offer. I can just practice dentistry until I decide to retire.”

Harvey Lindenbaum, D.D.S.

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